1947-49 Chevrolet Advance Design Loadmaster 

This is another find from my time as a Mormon missionary in Missouri. This early Advance Design truck was sitting on the side of a dirt road in a small village in northern Missouri. These are my favorite old trucks, so it was a treat to find one out in the wild like this. 

The Advance Design truck was introduced in 1947, and was Chevrolet’s first new truck design since before World War II. Until partway through 1949, the emblem on the side of the hood said either “Thriftmaster” or “Loadmaster.” In 1949 the badging  was changed to instead show a number to designate the truck’s load capacity. Looking closely at this photo, you can see that the badge says “Loadmaster,” allowing us to determine that it was built sometime within the first two and a half years or so of Advance Design production. 


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