1956 Chevrolet 

This is the last of the “before” pictures from the wrecking yard that burned. Not sure if it really matters if this one survived or not. It looks like it was pretty much dead anyway.

1957 Mercury Monterey

Another one from the yard that burned. Isaac used his psychic detective skills to ID this one. If you look closely, you can see the shadow of an M left by a long lost Monterey badge on the fender. With that clue he found a match on Wikipedia.

Did it survive the fire? Stay tuned for the after posts.

1948 – 51 Dodge Pickup


Isaac and I found this old Dodge a couple months ago in a wrecking yard full of cool old cars. This is one of a few photos we shot before the owner shooed us away. Last week there was a huge fire out there. It is reported that 50% of the yard was burned. We haven’t been back to see if the Dodge survived.

A couple of news articles about the fire:

5-alarm fire in Salt Lake City contained; I-80 back open


Second Generation Ford F-100 1953, ’54, or ’55

I researched this out a little but still not sure on the year. It looks like the grille is probably off of a ’56, but the truck is definitely not a ’56 because it lacks the wrap around windshield. 1956 was the only year of the second generation to have this feature. Since the grille is not the original, I am not sure how to decipher the year.

Check out the cool spider web chain under the tail gate.

1954 Chevy Belair

Found this very nicely restored ’54 Belair at the Winco parking lot in West Valley City. 

My Dad had a ’54 Belair (I think the same color scheme as this one) when he married my mom in 1957. Somewhere I have a picture of it decorated with “Just Married” in shaving cream. I’ll find and post it sometime soon.

See if you can see my ’85 Brat in any of these pictures.

Hint: There is nothing quite like the chrome of the 50’s.

1949 and 1952 Chevrolet Advance Design trucks

Just can’t get enough pictures of Chevy’s Advance Design trucks! 🙂 This pair is sitting in the parking lot of a small equipment rental business. It looks like they’ve been sitting for a long time (The ’52 still has a Utah license plate, but the registration hasn’t been current since 1985), and neither one is in very good condition. Neither one has an engine and the ’49 is missing the entire front clip. Even so, I think they’re great looking trucks. 
The 1952:

And here’s the 1949, parked right next to the ’52:

Oh look! I found the hood!

Both trucks together (’49 on the left, ’52 on the right)