1986 or ’87 Subaru Brat GL

This Brat was spotted in Park City, Utah a few months ago by a friend of mine. It is either an ’86 or ’87, as indicated by the lack of jumps seats and mounting brackets for head rests in the bed. 1987 was the last year Brats were sold in the United States, but they continued to be produced until 1994 for Europe, Australia, Latin America, and New Zealand. This example is very rusty, like most Brats are at this point. One thing that caught my eye immediately is the wheels. Most Brats still retain their original wheels, because the 4×140 bolt pattern was only used by Subaru and, oddly, French manufacturer Peugeot. Consequently, there are very few aftermarket rims out there, and this is the first (and only) time I’ve ever seen wheels like this on a Brat.

1982 Subaru Brat DL

This little Brat has been sitting on this seemingly abandoned lot for years. It has serious rust issues. After we added two Brats to our collection, my son and I decided to see if we could purchase this one for parts. The registration was sitting on the dash, visible through the windshield. We were surprised to note that the registration said it was an ’82, because the quad rectangular headlights were not offered until ’83. We are assuming that someone updated the headlights for some reason. With the info on the registration, we were able to track down the owner,  but he was not willing to sell for any reasonable price. Oh well.