1962 GMC Pickup 

According to the 6066 GMC guy, 1962 is the only year of this hood with clear turn signal lenses.

This truck is in the same yard as the Dodge in my last post. Notice the labels on the barrels surrounding it 😳. I highly doubt that this one survived the fire 😞.

1948 – 51 Dodge Pickup


Isaac and I found this old Dodge a couple months ago in a wrecking yard full of cool old cars. This is one of a few photos we shot before the owner shooed us away. Last week there was a huge fire out there. It is reported that 50% of the yard was burned. We haven’t been back to see if the Dodge survived.

A couple of news articles about the fire:

5-alarm fire in Salt Lake City contained; I-80 back open


1986 or ’87 Subaru Brat GL

This Brat was spotted in Park City, Utah a few months ago by a friend of mine. It is either an ’86 or ’87, as indicated by the lack of jumps seats and mounting brackets for head rests in the bed. 1987 was the last year Brats were sold in the United States, but they continued to be produced until 1994 for Europe, Australia, Latin America, and New Zealand. This example is very rusty, like most Brats are at this point. One thing that caught my eye immediately is the wheels. Most Brats still retain their original wheels, because the 4×140 bolt pattern was only used by Subaru and, oddly, French manufacturer Peugeot. Consequently, there are very few aftermarket rims out there, and this is the first (and only) time I’ve ever seen wheels like this on a Brat.

1949 and 1952 Chevrolet Advance Design trucks

Just can’t get enough pictures of Chevy’s Advance Design trucks! 🙂 This pair is sitting in the parking lot of a small equipment rental business. It looks like they’ve been sitting for a long time (The ’52 still has a Utah license plate, but the registration hasn’t been current since 1985), and neither one is in very good condition. Neither one has an engine and the ’49 is missing the entire front clip. Even so, I think they’re great looking trucks. 
The 1952:

And here’s the 1949, parked right next to the ’52:

Oh look! I found the hood!

Both trucks together (’49 on the left, ’52 on the right)

1968 Ford F-Series

According to information on Fordification.com, this truck was built in 1968. The only noticeable difference between the ’68 and ’69 is a slight variation in the grille– a ’69 grille has an indentation stamped in the center horizontal bar. This one looks like it’s still a good, solid working truck, though the original bed has been replaced by a generic flatbed.

1947-49 Chevrolet Advance Design Loadmaster 

This is another find from my time as a Mormon missionary in Missouri. This early Advance Design truck was sitting on the side of a dirt road in a small village in northern Missouri. These are my favorite old trucks, so it was a treat to find one out in the wild like this. 

The Advance Design truck was introduced in 1947, and was Chevrolet’s first new truck design since before World War II. Until partway through 1949, the emblem on the side of the hood said either “Thriftmaster” or “Loadmaster.” In 1949 the badging  was changed to instead show a number to designate the truck’s load capacity. Looking closely at this photo, you can see that the badge says “Loadmaster,” allowing us to determine that it was built sometime within the first two and a half years or so of Advance Design production. 

1990-92 Lincoln Town Car… or Town Truck?

I found this 1990-92 Lincoln Town Car while walking the streets of Columbia, Missouri as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in June 2013. Although, I’m not entirely sure it can be rightly called a Town Car anymore. This one has been converted into a coupe utility, similar to an El Camino, Ranchero, or Brat. Lincoln Town Truck, perhaps? 😛 These were never built like this at the Lincoln factory (the first truck to be offered by Lincoln dealerships was the Lincoln Blackwood in 2002) and is obviously a one-off custom job. Even so, it appears to have been well built. Rather awesome, in my opinion.