1992 or ’93 Toyota Celica GT-S

The 5th-generation Toyota Celica shares a lot of design cues with the 4th-generation (which I’m biased to), but it’s as if every part of the 4th-gen design was rounded out, taking what looked like a very ’80s car and giving it a very ’90s look. Supposedly the rounder design also had the benefit of adding strength without increasing weight.

1989 Toyota Celica GT Convertible

It’s always fun to me to see other 4th-generation Toyota Celica convertibles regardless of their condition, since they aren’t very common anymore. This one is often parked in front of a row of shops near my house, and I finally stopped to shoot some photos of it.

The 4th-generation Celica was produced from 1986-1989, but the convertible was only available from 1987-89. Toyota made slight changes to the grill, turn signals, taillights, and interior in 1988, making ’87 convertible models like mine somewhat unique.

This example has the later style features, and according to ToyotaReference.com, 1989 was the only year the “Ice Blue Pearl” paint color was offered. From what I’ve gathered over the years I’ve owned my Celica, the only other colors offered on the convertible were white, black, and red.

1990-92 Lincoln Town Car… or Town Truck?

I found this 1990-92 Lincoln Town Car while walking the streets of Columbia, Missouri as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in June 2013. Although, I’m not entirely sure it can be rightly called a Town Car anymore. This one has been converted into a coupe utility, similar to an El Camino, Ranchero, or Brat. Lincoln Town Truck, perhaps? 😛 These were never built like this at the Lincoln factory (the first truck to be offered by Lincoln dealerships was the Lincoln Blackwood in 2002) and is obviously a one-off custom job. Even so, it appears to have been well built. Rather awesome, in my opinion.



1970-73 International Cargostar concrete mixer

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of information out there about these trucks, but from what I could gather from a little Google searching this is an International Cargostar, which has been equipped with a concrete mixer. Wikipedia says the Cargostar was produced from 1970 through 1981 (though unfortunately there’s no source listed to verify that). From Google image searches for various years of Cargostars, it appears that International redesigned the front of the truck for 1974. 

This one was just barely visible over the wall of a yard where several more recent concrete mixers and other heavy equipment is stored.