1964 Pontiac GTO ConvertibleĀ 

This is the first year Pontiac offered the LeMans with a GTO option. I owned and drove a rust bucket version of one of these in High School (early 80’s). I sold it when I was in college to buy a computer šŸ˜³.

1987 Toyota Celica GT Convertible


This is Flame, my daily driver from about mid April to late October (my winter car will be the subject of another post). I bought it on November 24, 2010 and have been driving it regularly since. I had spotted it advertised on a local classified ad website for only $600, and I called the seller to arrange a time to come look at it in the morning. Well, that afternoon one of the heaviest snowstorms Utah had seen in years (and the first classified as a blizzard since 2001 or so) rolled in Continue reading “1987 Toyota Celica GT Convertible”